We are a Hungarian family company. Our mission is to give full service to our partners and future clients by taking advantage of our two generation experiences in cattle-trading.

Our company was created more than 20 years ago, on the very beginning of the transition period in Hungary. Our main activity is cattle trading (import and export of live cattle). During the first decade, a significant development was achieved. Our most important markets were Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Turkey. We played important role in the introduction of Belgian Blue in Hungary. For the last couple of years, we have been working hard together with French and Hungarian breeders on the improvement and development of the Hungarian Limousin and Blonde d’Aquitaine herd.

Membership of the European Union created good opportunity to enhance beef cattle breeding and trading.

We provide large scale of services for our partners and future clients on the following topics:

  • selling or buying beef cattle (calves, cattle for fattening or slaughtering, young heifers, pregnant heifers, cows or bulls) of different breeds or genotypes;
  • purchasing semen or embryo;
  • herd improvement (purchasing breeding animals or using crossing);
  • breeding information (chose the adequate breed or genotype)
  • human resource management (finding the right professionals or cattlemen);
  • animal health issues. 

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Szaktanácsadási szolgáltatásaink

Our consultancy services

We offer a wide range of advisory services to all livestock breeders and livestock owners.

Find us if

  •     thinking about buying a breeding animal or propagating material (sperm, embryo);
  •     want to be clear on animal health issues (vaccination, discharge, delivery terms, etc.) and comply with current legislation;
  •     there is a question of animal transport;
  •     needs expertise in breeds;
  •     to improve its production output (breeding, keeping, feeding, animal health issues);
  •     would like to earn more income through farming;
  •     needing legal assistance in breeding and farming;
  •     are interested in or can not adapt to existing national or EU legislation and regulations;
  •     are interested in current and expected support opportunities and market outlook;
  •     domestic or foreign breeding animals want to participate in exhibitions or farm visits.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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